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Inform. Engage. Empower.

The philosophy behind the BrainWaves education programme is simple: combine the latest research and academic thinking around mental health to provide lessons for students that are evidence-based, engaging and empowering.

The result? A whole programme of mental health lessons and teacher resources across Key Stages 3-5 based on the best available evidence in terms of brain science and pedagogy. Endorsed by both the Department of Psychiatry and the Department of Education at Oxford University, the lessons support the development of critical thinking skills, media literacy and self-awareness.

Featured lessons

The BrainWaves wellbeing curriculum now has 16 lessons available for students aged 11-18 years.

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Our partners

BrainWaves is a collaborative project, led by researchers at the University of Oxford
in partnership with The Day, an online daily newspaper for young people,
and the informatics team at the University of Swansea.

Oxford University

The Day

Swansea University