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Wellbeing lessons available

BrainWaves is delighted to present a trial series of free mental health and wellbeing lessons for use across secondary schools and sixth forms.

The lessons have been designed with Year 12 students in mind, but may be appropriate for younger students dependent on the curriculum and focus within your school. There are currently five lessons available with more to be made available soon.

Working in consultation with schools, academics and expert practitioners, our approach to lesson development is of an iterative process in which school feedback plays a vital role. Different schools also operate within different contexts and sometimes what works with one class or school might not work so well with others.

So we would love for you to try out these lessons in your classroom and let us know how it went. Please click on the link below to send us your feedback…

Featured lessons

Take a look inside our featured lessons and support materials for teachers.

Key Stage 5

The BrainWaves lessons are all based on the latest science and evidence around teenage mental health and have been approved by educational and psychiatric experts at the University of Oxford. They are designed to be:

  • Empowering: helping students develop critical thinking and information evaluation skills, choosing strategies that are right for them.
  • Active: learning aims to be active and student-centred, with lots of scenarios, reflective thinking and group discussions.
  • Practical: providing at least one practical, evidence-based strategy per lesson for students to help support their wellbeing.

Managing stress

Capture what students have already learnt about stress management and bolster their knowledge about relaxation techniques.

Having a conversation about mental health

Give students the confidence to start a conversation about mental health and know how to support their peers in return.

Boosting your mood

Show students how to use behavioural activation to deliberately boost their mood when feeling down or depressed.

Sleep and teenagers

Explore how sleep pattern and hormones change for adolescents and how teenagers can get more sleep.

The teenage brain

Help teenagers understand the changes that take place in their brain during adolescence and how this affects their mental health.

Finding out about mental health

Help students evaluate sources and claims about mental health through TikTok videos and wellbeing blogs.

Coming soon: Key Stage 3 and 4 lessons

We are delighted to announce the BrainWaves curriculum of mental health lessons for Key Stages 3 and 4 is launching in January 2024!

Building on the concepts of positive psychology, PERMA and flourishing, these lessons are designed to give young people increased agency in managing their mental health, as well as a sense of optimism about their potential for change based on the practical application of wellbeing strategies.