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Wellbeing lessons available

BrainWaves is delighted to present a free wellbe*-ing curriculum for use across secondary schools and sixth forms.

The lessons are based on the latest research and evidence around teenage mental health and have been approved by educational and psychiatric experts at the University of Oxford.

Building on the concept of positive psychology, these lessons are designed to give young people increased agency in managing their mental health, as well as a sense of optimism for change based on the practical application of wellbeing strategies.

You can see how the lessons fit together and which lessons are currently available by downloading this handy guide below, which breaks down the curriculum by age range.

Featured lessons

Take a look inside our wellbeing lessons. They are designed to be:

  • Empowering: helping students develop critical thinking and information evaluation skills, choosing strategies that are right for them.
  • Active: learning aims to be active and student-centred, with lots of scenarios, reflective thinking and group discussions.
  • Practical: providing at least one practical, evidence-based strategy per lesson for students to help support their wellbeing.

You can read more about the rationale for the curriculum and how it was developed here.

BrainWaves 11-14 wellbeing curriculum

There are currently 5 lessons available for students in the first few years of secondary school.

Watch this space as we add more throughout 2024!

Teenage boy

11-14 Conflict and repair

Helps students understand ways of dealing with conflict and repairing relationships.

11-14 My changing brain

Discover how the teenage brain changes through adolescence and the impact this has on wellbeing.
Teenage boy

11-14 The science behind wellbeing

Help students explore the evidence behind the concepts of happiness and wellbeing.
Teenage boy

11-14 Turning failure into success

Help students discover the key resilience concepts of grit and a growth mindset.
Teenage girl

11-14 Understanding your strengths

Introduce students to the concept of character strengths and using them to promote better wellbeing.
Coming soon

11-14 Ways to think positively

Help students identify and challenge negative automatic thoughts and self-talk.
Coming soon

11-14 Why sleep matters

Explore with students the importance of sleep and how it affects their wellbeing.
Coming soon

11-14 Worry and how to manage it

Help students identify sources of worry and practise strategies to help with anxious thoughts.

BrainWaves 14-16 wellbeing curriculum

There are currently 5 lessons available for students approaching their GCSEs.

Watch this space as we add more throughout 2024!

Teenage boy

14-16 Building your confidence

Explore with students the difference between self-confidence, self-esteem and self-acceptance.
Teenage boy

14-16 Coping with changes

Help students understand how they can manage both planned and unexpected changes in a positive way.
Teenage girl

14-16 Developing your strengths

Remind students of the concept of character strengths and how they can influence our wellbeing.
Teenage girl

14-16 My teenage brain

Help students understand the neurological changes that are taking place inside their brain.
Teenage girl

14-16 The science of happiness

Help students discover the research and evidence behind popular psychology and what it means to be happy.
Coming soon

14-16 Ways to be more optimistic

Help students understand how to avoid negative thinking traps and learn to be more optimistic.
Coming soon

14-16 What are good sleep habits?

Help students understand their Circadian rhythms and how to get good sleep.
Coming soon

14-16 Working on low mood

Help students understand their low moods and how they can work to overcome them.

BrainWaves 16-18 wellbeing curriculum

There are currently 7 lessons available for students studying at sixth form level.

Watch this space as we add more throughout 2024!

16-18 Managing stress

Capture what students have already learnt about stress management and bolster their knowledge about relaxation techniques.

16-18 Having a conversation about mental health

Give students the confidence to start a conversation about mental health and know how to support their peers in return.

16-18 Boosting your mood

Show students how to use behavioural activation to deliberately boost their mood when feeling down or depressed.

16-18 Sleep and teenagers

Explore how sleep pattern and hormones change for adolescents and how teenagers can get more sleep.

16-18 Recap on the teenage brain

Help teenagers understand the changes that take place in their brain during adolescence and how this affects their mental health.

16-18 Finding out about mental health

Help students evaluate sources and claims about mental health through TikTok videos and wellbeing blogs.
Coming soon

16-18 Working to your strengths

Help students identify and maxmise their strengths as the basis for positive wellbeing and mental health.

16-18 The psychology of wellbeing

Help students understand the psychological theories behind wellbeing and flourishing.